Redmond, Oregon…

The Pendleton Whisky Posse is headed your way for the Columbia River Circuit Finals this weekend, November 12th and 13th! After the rodeo, we will be visiting Coyote Ranch, Clock Tower, Timbers and Rumors. Stay tuned for more updates…Let’er Buck!Re

Waco, TX

…We will be in town October 6-9 & 14-16, show us what you’ve got! -Mindy

Omaha, NE…

Omaha, NE…The Pendleton Whisky Posse is in town for The River City Rodeo! We will be visiting, Quest Center, Ferrell’s Bar, Whiskey Tango, Union Bar, Old Mattress Factory and the Hilton. We are on a role after our past week at the Round Up in Pendleton. -Mindy

Lewiston, ID

We shall meet again tomorrow, a great weekend ahead. There is a rumor that one of your liquor stores has the largest Pendleton Whisky display. I am coming to check it out. -Mindy

Kitsap Stampede

We would like to thank the Kitsap Stampede rodeo committee, contestants and fans for a great weekend! We were glad to be a part of the festivities last weekend. Let’er Buck!