And the Countdown for the 107th Pendleton Round-up Begins…

And just like that, the dust settled. We wait and train all year, and after one weekend and a few 8-second rides, it’s all over. Well, maybe not quite that fast. From the singing of our national anthem to the closing ceremonies, the Pendleton Round-Up pays homage to the original American sport: rodeo. And Pendleton […]

Cocktail Inspiration For Fall Gatherings

Ah, fall.    The leaves are changing and the mornings are crisp.  Savor the season sip by sip by seamlessly blending Pendleton Whisky with all the flavors of fall.    Need suggestions? Allow us.    Fill your morning mug with 2 oz. Pendleton Whisky, 1 tsp. honey, 4 oz. hot water and 1 cloved orange peel for a Pendleton […]

Cheers to You This Labor Day

  Just as Memorial Day has morphed into the official start of summer, Labor Day has taken on the role of its calendar counterpart. Although it marks the beginning of fall and all it entails, the last long weekend is about much more than nostalgia for warm weather. Labor Day is intended to honor the […]

Pairing Whisky with Wanderlust

Sometimes there is nothing better than leaving the daily grind behind for a great getaway, whether that’s exploring the natural wonders in your state’s backyard or crossing the pond for something brand new. It was this wanderlust mentality that inspired our Pendleton Whisky ‘Round the World competition, a photo challenge that has helped us track […]

Midnight Challenge Cocktail Winner: Pendleton Midnight in the Neighbor-Hood

After months of Midnight mixology competition, we are excited to share that our Grand Prize winner has been selected! Joe Frade of Portland, Oregon took home the honors for his Pendleton Midnight in the Neighbor-Hood cocktail, a drink that combines both local flavors and immense creativity. Mixologist and “Cocktail Guru”, Jonathan Pogash, served as the […]

Midnight Cocktail Challenge Mix-Off!

After five months of cocktail chemistry and mixology madness, the Midnight Cocktail Challenge has finally come to an end. Let’s take a look at our five finalists as our head judge is testing each creation. February Winner: Suzanne from Apex and her Benton Fraser’s Day Off 1 oz Pendleton Midnight Whisky  1 oz ginger shrub […]

A Toast to Our Nation’s Heroes

Cook outs. Boat rides. And The red, white and blue. Celebrating the Fourth of July comes in many forms and fun, but at the heart of this annual holiday is patriotism. It’s an opportunity to salute those who are serving and have served; embracing the freedom we have as a result of the hard work […]

Summer Traditions

I am a summer time baby!! I thrive in the warmth and festivities that surround summertime fun. It’s considered my non-stop season as the roads are clear, the traveling deems endless, and the activities are filled with excitement that always leave me craving the next run of summer. I have a number of summer traditions, […]

Happy Father’s Day!

My father has taught me a number of life lessons — he taught me how to ride a horse, and allowed my passion for rodeo to start and grow; he taught me how to maintain my vehicle, taught me the importance of work ethic, to show respect, and he even taught me my ‘just get […]

Pendleton Whisky Music Festival

If your ideal summer night is comprised of gathering friends together, sipping some smooth whisky and listening to country music, then we’ve got an opportunity for you! Pendleton Whisky is hosting the first ever Pendleton Whisky Music Festival on July 16 at the Round-Up Stadium grounds in Pendleton, Oregon! Enjoy the great outdoors and even […]