Posse Event Manager
Posse member since 2003 


How do you drink your Pendleton®: Straight or on the Rocks.
First rodeo: Riggins Rodeo at the ripe old age of one years old!
Pendleton® Whisky Memory: A humble cowboy that is not above placing his knee to the ground in appreciation of the Greater One. Our Pendleton Round-Up Directors in Pendleton will always be encompassing of my heart, the many men and women (and spouses of each) putting so many hours of ambition into what makes this incredible sport happen. I tip my hat to you. And a little Pendleton® Whisky and late night sing-a-longs with Suzie Dobbs and The Montana Silversmiths gang at the WNFR. Great moments are truly memorable when you can share them with others who are thankful for the journey we have had together.
First time you rode a horse: 18 months
Favorite movie: There are many great movies, but a couple favorites are Princess Bride, As Good As It Gets, and most anything dance inspired.
Favorite quote or saying: Besides Let’er Buck…….Sometimes you get what you want but not what you need and Love is patient and kind.
Hobbies: Riding, snowboarding, roping, snowmobiling, skateboarding, boating, softball, fishing and living life to its fullest!


Posse member since 2013

JackieStraight or Mixed: Straight
Favorite Pendleton® Cocktail: Pendleton® and water with lemon
First rodeo: Cheyenne Frontier Days
Rodeos attended: 20 +
A Pendleton® Whisky Memory: Of the numerous magnificent Pendleton® memories that I have under the belt buckle, one of the more prominent memories has to be at the Wrangler National Final Rodeo. Every aspect of the WFNR has so much energy and anticipation; it is hard to not get caught up in the exhilaration with fellow rodeo fans.  There is no other rodeo like the WNFR and every year is a novel experience.
First time you rode a horse: 5 years old
Favorite movie: Dumb and Dumber
Favorite quote or saying: “It’s not a matter of why, but why not”
Hobbies:Cooking, skiing, golfing, working out, traveling, reading


Posse member since 2006

jenniStraight or Mixed:I like both! Pendleton® on the rocks or Pendleton® and ginger ale or Coke.
Favorite Pendleton® Cocktail:The Pendleton® Sagebrush is delicious. I also enjoy a Pendleton® Bloody Mary and Pendleton® Margaritas.
First rodeo:The first rodeo I attended was in Riggins, ID.
Rodeos attended:I have attended rodeos in almost all states west of the Mississippi River.
A Pendleton® Whisky Memory:I have so many Pendleton® Whisky memories but my favorite memories include all the people that I have met along the way and who have become my extended family and friends.   One of my favorite things about the NFR is that it often brings together all those people to one place.
First time you rode a horse: The first time I rode a horse was with my Dad when I was one years old! Watching the horses from my back yard, it became one of my first words and this began my life-long love of horses.
Favorite movie:I like any movie that will make me laugh, smile and even cry as long as it has a happy ending.
Favorite quote or saying:My two favorite quotes are:”Have a heart that never hardens, a love that never tires and a touch that never hurts” and “You can’t lead where you won’t go, and you can’t teach what you don’t know.”
Hobbies:My favorite hobbies include running, hiking, exercising with my sister (she is amazing at motivating) and hanging with my family.


Posse member since 2013

KassiStraight or Mixed: Straight
Favorite Pendleton® Cocktail:Pendleton® Margarita “AKA” Rodeo-Rita
First rodeo:The Dodge National Circuit Finals Rodeo, originated in Pocatello, Idaho. I was 5 years old and part of the “Wild Bunch on the Hill” crew that would tend to the livestock for the stock contractors. All thanks to my dad as well as the family I have involved with the rodeo, I was raised into and helped run it up until it changed name and location in 2011.
Rodeos attended: I’ve been all over the map going to professional, amateur, and open rodeos alike! There are far too many to list, so I’ll note a few such as; WNFR, DNCFR (before it was the RNCFR), IFR, Salinas, Oakdale, Redding, Pendleton, War Bonnet Roundup, & the Gem State Classic.
A Pendleton® Whisky Memory: I have gained a favorite memory with each event I‘ve had the pleasure of venturing to. The people, the towns, the events, and the priceless moments are all things I hold most dear! The GREATEST memory I have, thanks to Pendleton® Whisky, is after the 2014 WNFR buckle ceremony at the South Point Hotel. Lauren and I tossed out Pendleton® Whisky gifts, and danced on stage, while the Incredible Aaron Watson put on a fantastic show! I was certainly star struck, and I couldn’t have been more thankful to Aaron and Mindy for such an opportunity!
First time you rode a horse: 4 years old on an Appy/Appaloosa named “Dusti”
Favorite movie: There’s no way to pin down one, but a few of my favorites; Man from Snowy River, Lonesome Dove, 8 seconds, Cowboy Way, and Tombstone
Favorite quote or saying: “Dreams Do Come True” & “Spread a Smile!”
Hobbies: Hunting, traveling, 4×4 pickups, rodeos, riding, dancing, drawing, socializing, stock saddle/ ranch bronc-riding, spending time with my pups, as well as friend and family time.


Posse member since 2006

laurenStraight or Mixed: Depends on the mood. Either on the rocks or Pendleton® and ginger ale.
Favorite Pendleton® Cocktail: Pendleton® and ginger ale.
First rodeo: Cheyenne Frontier Days
Rodeos attended: Too many to list!
A Pendleton® Whisky Memory: I enjoy traveling with the amazing team HRD has created, spending time with my whisky girls and traveling America, experiencing new, small towns that make this nation so great. Meeting and learning about others in their element is what makes each trip memorable.
First time you rode a horse: I believe I was in second grade, grew up riding. Love it and wish I was able to ride more.
Favorite movie: Not sure about my favorite but just recently saw Wild…that was a pretty good flick. Wouldn’t mind attempting the Pacific Crest trail.
Favorite quote or saying: Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!” – Audrey Hepburn.
Hobbies: Being adventurous and active. Traveling, exploring, attempting to surf, camping, hiking, snowboarding. If it’s fun, I’m down.


Posse member since 2010

leiselStraight or Mixed:Always straight, with rocks.
Favorite Pendleton® Cocktail: Whisky ditch!
First rodeo: Home of Champions Rodeo in Red Lodge, MT
Rodeos attended: So many! A few that come to mind…Y’s Mens Rodeo- Minot, North Dakota, Prada Del Sol (Scottsdale, AZ,) Miles City Bucking Horse Sale- (Miles City , MT), Nebraska Land Days- (North Platte, NB), River City Round- Up- (Omaha, NB), The Nile Rodeo- (Billings, MT), NFR (Las Vegas, NV) Days of 76- (Deadwood, SD), Black Hills Stock Show (Rapid City, SD), ABC Lubbock Rodeo, (Lubbock, TX) and of course The Pendleton Round-Up in Pendleton, OR.
A Pendleton® Whisky Memory: On a random summer night, taking Pendleton® shots with EVERYONE at the local bar I worked at in Swan Lake, MT… my second home! I had the whole bar singing and dancing and yelling “Let’er Buck!”
First time you rode a horse: I was in the 4th grade and my neighbor took me riding with her. I have been in love with them ever since! My favorite memory of riding was on the island of Grand Turk where I got to ride bare back in the ocean!
Favorite movie: “Second Hand Lions”
Favorite quote or saying: “If it’s scary, DO IT!”
Hobbies: Paddle boarding, Snowboarding, Riding, Hiking, Traveling, Dancing and Flying


Posse member since 2010

Lindsey-Web-Shot-199x300Straight or Mixed: Always prefer straight 1910, or Pendleton® Whisky on the rocks myself, but I’m known to dabble in a mixed drink here or there.
Favorite Pendleton® Cocktail: Raspberry Kamikaze, [ 1.5 part Pendleton® Whisky, .75 part Triple Sec, .75 part Lime Juice, Fresh raspberry puree to taste ] Shake them all together, have as a drink or shot.
First rodeo: In life, Ellensburg Rodeo! With the Posse, The Omak Stampede.
Rodeos attended: Oh my, there are quite a few. To list some… The Omak Stampede, Black Hills Stock Show and Rodeo, Kitsap County Rodeo, Redding Rodeo, Oakdale Rodeo, Central Wyoming Fair and Rodeo, Sheridan Rodeo, Cheyenne Frontier Days, North American Rodeo in Louisville, National Western Stock show in Denver, Gunnison Rodeo, Heart O’Texas Fair and Rodeo and National Finals Rodeo.
A Pendleton® Whisky Memory: My very first adventure out as a part of the Pendleton® Whisky Posse, was to the Omak Stampede. It was here I met the wonderful group of girls that I have the privilege to work with. I knew, after meeting each one, that I was among some of the most intellectual, beautiful, and hard-working ladies. I have never felt more privileged to be a part of something. The Omak Stampede itself was such a hoot! It was here I met the wonderful people who help put on the event, watched the Suicide Race for the first time (wow!), and learned what being part of the Pendleton® Whisky Posse was all about. I’ll never forget that weekend.
First time you rode a horse: I must have been 5 or 6 years old. My grandmother used to care for horses and so on days I got to hang out with her she would take me on rides.
Favorite movie: I admit, there are two favorites of mine. Super Troopers and Shawshank Redemption. Nothing like humor and a well told story.
Favorite quote or saying:We can always help ourselves in times of need. Sometimes, it’s just asking for help that is the pinnacle to moving forward.
Hobbies:Writing, reading, hiking, running, loving life