Monthly Archives: July 2013

All Around Ranch Rodeo

Last month, the Pendleton Posse and I attended the All Around Ranch Rodeo in Glen Rose, Texas. Not everyone is familiar with what it means to be a true “ranch rodeo,” so here’s a description from another favorite rodeo event of mine, “Rising in popularity, Ranch Rodeos are a throwback to the old west when […]

Where These Boots Have Been…

Well, where haven’t these boots been? Many places to tell the truth. Yet as time continues to pass by as fast as ever, I find so too has my world grown. I’ve quenched my thirst in the dusty heat of Waco, Texas, ventured to the PBR headquarters of Pueblo, Colo., and yes, had the amazing […]

Happy Fourth of July

This year I am once again bogged down by summer school, however, I do plan on squeezing in some fun! I think some of us are planning on camping and heading out of town to enjoy the gorgeous weather that we have in store. My mother sent me an adorable 4th of July care package […]