Monthly Archives: September 2015

Introducing Pendleton Midnight!

Hi Pendleton Fans! As a representative for Pendleton Whisky, I am elated to see that the quality and reliability of Pendleton Whisky has provoked an extension of greatness with the release of Pendleton Midnight. Similar to its predecessor and all Pendleton products, you can count on quality. Pendleton Midnight follows in the footsteps of Pendleton Whisky using pure glacier-fed spring water from Oregon’s Mt. Hood for a […]

Mixin’ Up the Mule Wrangler

I was recently challenged to a ‘drink-off’. No, not what you’re thinking, but rather to mix up a drink to share with friends. Each friend brings a different recipe. I thought this was the perfect time to demo the Mule Wrangler. With Pendleton® Whisky’s slightly sweet and smooth taste, it worked incredibly well as a base for the tartness […]