2016 RNCFR

Throughout the year, Posse members are fortunate to experience the rodeo circuit in various cities and states in our wonderful country. Each rodeo is always a special experience, as the rodeo committees spend endless hours to create a personalized and unique event for the audience as well as athletes.
This April, Lindsay and I were fortunate to travel down south to Kissimmee, Florida to attend the Ram National Circuit Finals Rodeo. We were excited to attend this rodeo, as we have not had the opportunity to go to a Florida rodeo, and were ready to see how they Let Er’ Buck in the Sunshine State. Dressed in our red Wrangler shirts, we were ready for a fantastic Wrangler National Patriotic Night; however, we had no clue we were about to experience such an impactful experience that Friday evening.
The opening ceremonies began by honoring a select group of Veterans whose military careers are beyond impressive and astounding. Each story was overwhelming, and it was emotional to hear the personal sacrifice these brave men and women have made for our country, which also included life altering physical and mental injuries. It was a powerful reminder that freedom is not free and everyday these brave soldiers are constantly in the face of danger to protect our beautiful nation. The ceremony ended with the induction of the newest class of the United States Marine Corp, where they swore their allegiance to the United States of America and made the ultimate sacrifice. No words can explain the amount of patriotism that radiated in the arena that evening, it literally left you breathless and in tears to be a part of the journey of these service men and women. This evening will forever be engrained in my mind as the ceremony reiterated exactly why I will forever be proud to be an American.

Our first time visiting the RNCFR (RAM National Circuit Finals Rodeo) in Kissimmee, FL (pronounced Kiss-Emmy) welcomed us with open arms…and immediately stole our hearts! Friday night there was a heart-wrenching ceremony for Military appreciation night where we had the honor to not only meet some of the bravest wounded warriors who were injured while serving, but to also welcome in the next class of new Marines willing to protect and serve this country as many have done before. It was an honor to be able to witness such an incredible event, and it is not something we will forget.

We met so many wonderful and warm people in the Sunshine State. We met some great new friends who treated us to tales of local life when we visited 3 Sisters Speakeasy, where the bartender had an incredible summer Pendleton Whisky concoction that knocked our socks off. In addition, we made a few great stops, some unplanned, to local venues to help spread the word about Pendleton Whisky’s delectable nature. All in all, it was a whirlwind trip, where the sun warmed our skin, the locals warmed our hearts, and the passion behind an American tradition, both rodeo and military, cleared our minds and reminded us of what is most important in life.

Thank you so much for letting us experience Kissimmee and the RNCFR.