Monthly Archives: June 2016

Summer Traditions

I am a summer time baby!! I thrive in the warmth and festivities that surround summertime fun. It’s considered my non-stop season as the roads are clear, the traveling deems endless, and the activities are filled with excitement that always leave me craving the next run of summer. I have a number of summer traditions, […]

Happy Father’s Day!

My father has taught me a number of life lessons — he taught me how to ride a horse, and allowed my passion for rodeo to start and grow; he taught me how to maintain my vehicle, taught me the importance of work ethic, to show respect, and he even taught me my ‘just get […]

Pendleton Whisky Music Festival

If your ideal summer night is comprised of gathering friends together, sipping some smooth whisky and listening to country music, then we’ve got an opportunity for you! Pendleton Whisky is hosting the first ever Pendleton Whisky Music Festival on July 16 at the Round-Up Stadium grounds in Pendleton, Oregon! Enjoy the great outdoors and even […]