A Look Back On 2016

2016…..in one shape or another, this year marks my ten years of working with Pendleton Whisky. Oh, the memories that I have created with this brand and those I’ve met through sipping Pendleton! I’m beyond thrilled to be a part of a brand that represents hard work, American traditions and good times.

As the brand has matured, so have I. I feel blessed to call those associated with Pendleton Whisky my friends. If you love what you do, it’ll never feel like work!

Over the past ten years, the Pendleton Posse has become my family. I thoroughly enjoy traveling to new places in the United States, meeting folks from different walks of life, and spreading my passion for Pendleton. Working with Pendleton has truly broadened my horizons by allowing me to meet so many wonderful people and explore places that I would not have otherwise stumbled upon.

There have been too many fabulous moments to solely focus on one. Every time I’m on the road, meeting new folks and introducing them to, what I believe to be, the finest whisky is a new adventure.

Cheers to another ten years!