A Pendleton Revolution

2015… Wow! Where has the time gone?! With every new year comes the chance to have a fresh start, a new mindset and a clean slate. For 2015, I have decided to move forward with resolutions based on three concepts:  health, wealth, and happiness.

1) HEALTH: Our health, both mentally and physically, is often taken for granted and we do not realize how fortunate we are to be healthy until it is threatened. For 2015, my goal is to improve my mental and physical health with simple actions. With these easy improvements, I hope to take full advantage of my health and life.

  • Drink 64 oz. of water per day
  • Eliminate majority of processed foods and eat more naturally
  • Participate in some sort of daily physical activity
  • Read at least 10 pages in a book nightly

2) WEALTH: In 2015, I want to invest more in my wealth of family and friends. Our lives are filled with chaotic schedules, demanding deadlines and constant stress that we often forget to put time towards our loved ones. I am going to make a valiant effort to take time out of the hustle and bustle of daily life to enjoy my friends and family. Whether it is a simple phone call, a weekend vacation or a rendezvous over a Pendleton cocktail, I will make a better effort to spend more time with those near and dear to my heart.

3) HAPPINESS: There is nothing better than being happy; it is such a simple emotion of euphoria. Unfortunately, life will be throw curveballs which may derail us from happiness and we have a hard time getting out of the downfalls, dilemmas, and drama of reality. In 2015, I am going to focus my time and energy on being happy by taking straightforward and effective steps toward a happier life.

  • Live in the moment
  • To not worry about what I cannot change
  • Find the positive in unfavorable circumstances
  • Travel more and be open to new experiences
  • Just be me

Whatever your 2015 resolutions may be, I hope this year brings you many laughs, love and incredible memories.  And as always, Let ‘Er Buck!