A Ride in Memory

Standing behind the chutes preparing for my turn                                            I had a number of supporters there to make sure I didn’t crash and burn From bringing the proper tack, to borrowing a vest, and some hot pink and black chaps                                                                                                             I was set up to make a ride that I knew would turn into an addicting trap

I wasn’t doing this just for me, there was more involved than any would understand                                                                                                              I was living for two, riding in remembrance, and there to leave my brand                                                                                                                       It was for My Cooper, for my friend Keely, as well as for me                  Two tragically taken from us before their time should be

My horses name was Houdini; He was a brown and white paint       Loaded in the chute I was able to tell he wasn’t going to be a saint         He was going to be the challenge I needed, and the adrenaline I yearned   I was in a state of mind to make this happen; it’s something I have earned

To show a skill I do with a young horse, a green horse, or one feeling fresh                                                                                                                        As they try to buck you off giving you the ultimate strength test!   Houdini would be no different; he was there to show me what he was made of in front of a crowd                                                                               My Guardian Angels riding with me, smiling at my craziness, as I        was hoping not to hit the ground

I stepped upon the chute, stepped over his back, and settled into my saddle seat                                                                                                                   I set my feet in my stirrups, grabbed up my rope, then my rein, and felt my heart skip a beat                                                                                              I smiled at the delight that this was going to happen, ready or not here I go                                                                                                                                I nodded at the chute man, said “all right boys”, and the gate flew open for the rear out blow

Houdini reared out the chute, headed out, and began to buck                           I wasn’t going to let this horse win, today was one I’d prove I came with more than just luck                                                                                                 He made a circled loop, bucking with each stride                                              I could hear the announcer, the snort from my horse, finally the whistle! I made that 8 second ride!

The pickup men didn’t get the chance to grab me, as Houdini went on his way                                                                                                                        I landed in the arena sand, hard on my butt, however STILL smiling as I jumped up with a wave!                                                                                           I grabbed my Cooper black Cowboy hat I’d lost at the early part of the ride,                                                                                                                    Pointed to my Wild Guardian Angels as I know they were watching from the best seats in the sky

The day, in whole, was emotional in so many ways                              Giving remembrance and recognition to those I will miss ALL of my days!                                                                                                                       This rodeo is now an annual event; The Keely Lance Scholarship Memorial in Idaho                                                                                          Barrel racing, Team Roping, Bull Riding, Saddle Bronc, along with Stock Saddle and one hell of a show

In Loving Memory of Cooper McKenzie Banks and Keely “Henry” Marie Lance

Let ‘er Buck