A Shot of Thought

Road of perseverance

This past year held exciting events, to name a few… Pendleton Round up celebrated their 100yr Rodeo, Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo had a record attendance of 2.2 million, and Pendleton became the official spirit of the All American Series. The pioneers of rodeo will not be disappointed the sport of rodeo is thriving.  Although this is the start of our 9th year, I know it is just the beginning of great adventures to come.

You will have to call me a hopeless romantic, l hold back tears at the American anthem from small rodeos in Deadwood, SD to the “Daddy of ‘em All” in Cheyenne, WY.  At the PRCA National Awards Banquet I’ve watched some of the great announcers who verbally carry us through a rodeo, speechless when recognized and appreciated for their skill.  Who knew that “pink” would become the color worn when entering the battle in a fight for the cure.  I get the chills when a bullfighter presents himself as substitute for the bulls’ original subject. Livestock of rodeo continues to defy physical ability.  We wouldn’t ask the fight to be removed from a bull nor do you want to break the spirit of a horse, for those who are spirited I say… Let’er buck!

Pendleton Whisky will continue on our chosen road in support of the cowboys and cowgirls.  This year I will continue to love it and live it, the glass I choose will always be half full……

……………with Pendleton on the rocks please!  -Mindy