ABC Lubbock Rodeo

Upon driving into Lubbock the scenery immediately reminded me of the movie “Lonesome Dove.” I can imagine why there used to be so many cattle drives here. The terrain is so flat – the opposite of what I see every day back home in Idaho.

One cowboy at the ABC rodeo put it best when he said to me, “Standin’ you can see 100 miles, but if you stand on a tuna can you can see 300 miles.” I enjoyed his wit, immediately understood what he meant, and quickly learned exactly what it was that makes Lubbock so special.

Everyone has heard it, but for the first time I really FELT the meaning behind the age-old saying “Everything is bigger in Texas.” If you’re judging by the size of their hearts, I firmly believe that the people in Lubbock live up to that saying. They are “BIG” into family, rodeo and traditions, and it was great to see them including us and Pendleton Whisky into their way of life.

I left Lubbock amazed at how fast a person could make friends with these people and feel completely at home. One moment in particular that will always stick with me came among a group of new friends at Chances R. One cowboy in the group gave a toast to Pendleton Whisky with a timeless excerpt of cowboy poetry – and he does it every time with something funny, sentimental or meaningful. I love that this tradition is being kept alive with the young and old.

Thank you, Lubbock, Texas. Let’er Buck,