Christmas Nostalgia

There is something so special about the holiday season which makes it such a wonderful time of the year. Perhaps it’s the jovial spirit that embodies everyone, the beauty of the lights that adorn homes and trees, the selfless donations and humanitarian acts to help others less fortunate, the children’s pure excitement knowing that a robust man and his reindeer will be flying around the world delivering presents, or perhaps it’s the fact that you can wear a hideous sweater and have it be socially accepted if not applauded. Whatever the reason may be, the holiday season is very magical and magnificent.

One of my favorite Christmas memories is one that is simple and untraditional. We have been very fortunate to have had several white Christmases in Wyoming and on one particular year my family wanted to take advantage of the picturesque scenery. We hopped into my father’s truck (including the dog) and traveled out west to a friend’s ranch to set up targets in the snow and practice our aim with a few of our guns. It is not your conventional way of spending a Christmas afternoon, but then again neither is my family (in fact, we somewhat resemble the Griswold’s in the movie, “Christmas Vacation”; my father taking the lead role as Clark). It was such a fun way to enjoy the beautiful outdoors and have quality time with my family. After spending the afternoon in the cold and snow, we went back home to warm up by the fire with some Pendleton Whisky and hot chocolate. The amount of laughter, entertainment, and happiness on that unique Christmas will forever be prominent and unforgettable.

However you will be spending your holiday season, I hope that it is a memorable one with your loved ones. Have a safe and Merry Christmas and a happy New Year!

As always, LET‘ER BUCK!