Cocktail Inspiration For Fall Gatherings

Ah, fall. 


The leaves are changing and the mornings are crisp.  Savor the season sip by sip by seamlessly blending Pendleton Whisky with all the flavors of fall. 


Need suggestions? Allow us. 


Fill your morning mug with 2 oz. Pendleton Whisky, 1 tsp. honey, 4 oz. hot water and 1 cloved orange peel for a Pendleton Toddy or spice it up with a Midnight Gallop made from 1 oz. Pendleton Midnight mixed with 1 oz. Amaro, 4 oz. hot cider and garnished with a cinnamon stick and ground nutmeg. 


Whatever your drink of choice, with mug in hand; gather friends and family around the fireplace.

Cheers to whisky nights and new memories!