To our Servicemen and Women

It’s the servicemen and women, our heroes, who deserve the highest praise. We may not know them all, but we owe them all. We at Pendleton Whisky acknowledge the powerful reason behind Memorial Day; to pay tribute to the men, women and families that made the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom. This is a time […]

Maroon 5 to Headline 2nd Annual Pendleton Whisky Music Fest

It’s going to be a party in Pendleton! Whether you plan to camp out or go all-out, get ready because the 2nd annual Pendleton Whisky Music Fest is coming to town! This year’s event will feature 3-time Grammy award winning band, Maroon 5. The spirit of the west combined with the soaring vocals of Maroon […]

Will you be our Valentine?

How do you know when someone is a good match? Are they loyal? Spontaneous and fun? Do they celebrate your individuality and love you just the way you are? Pendleton Whisky fans do all of the above, which is exactly why we love you so much. You are faithfully dedicated to the brand and constantly […]

Cheers to the New Year

  We’d like to propose a toast. We are so grateful that we once again get to ring in a new year with our loyal fans. You’ve been there with us through it all, and we can’t wait to continue to bring you good whisky for years to come. The spirit of Pendleton has always […]

A Look Back At 2016

Each year we develop grand resolutions that we intend to keep. Some we do, and some we don’t, but that doesn’t stop us from setting our sights high again the next year. But before we head full force into 2017, let’s take this opportunity to reflect on 2016, because what a year it was. Over […]

Unwrap More Than Gifts This Year

Before we know it, the snow will have melted and yet another holiday season will have come and gone. But after all the gifts have been handed out, the best of all remains – the moments we created with the ones around us. So this year, unwrap more than gifts, unwrap memories. As the Posse […]

Introducing the 2016 Legendary Cowboy Team

As the whisky born on rodeo roots, there’s no better way to pay homage to our heritage than by welcoming nineteen all-around cowboys into our Pendleton Whisky family through the Legendary Cowboy Program. Started back in 2013, the platform was created to honor cowboys that compete at both ends of the arena. Tradition tells us […]

Thankful Today and Everyday

This time of year is full of people expressing gratitude for the blessings in their life. But why is it only once a year that people remember to thank those around them? At Pendleton Whisky, we’re thankful today and everyday, to be able to bring good whisky to good people. We have such loyal fans […]

Directors’ Reserve: Twenty Years Was Well Worth the Wait

Good things take time. We’ve waited a while to become a family of four, and after one sip of Pendleton Directors’ Reserve, you’ll understand why. Aged for twenty years and made with the same glacier-fed spring water from Oregon’s Mt. Hood as its Pendleton Whisky family, Directors’ Reserve introduces your taste buds to toasted oak […]

Pendleton Whisky Meets the Wonders of the World

Don’t let the conclusion of the Pendleton Whisky ‘Round the World contest affect your travel plans. Pour another round of Pendleton Whisky and start planning your next trip! Keep exploring every inch of this wonderful world we live in and be sure to have Pendleton Whisky nearby when you stop to take in the sights. […]