Enjoying the Winter Season

`Tis the winter season and as most, I wouldn’t mind being in a sunny paradise with a sandy beach, the pristine ocean at my feet, and HEAT! Living in Idaho, I get none of the above; however, I DO get the opportunity to live among the Rocky Mountains with their magnificent beauty! I get to enjoy the glittering snow with the nip of cold on the nose, wild rags to keep the chill at bay, and any activity that one can think of enjoying during the winter season. My all-time favorite winter activity in my hometown is the ability to ride my horses through the snow! There’s not a wilder feeling than to ride a horse running full speed through the snow! It makes me feel as though I’m recreating the fancy pictures you see in the magazine with snow flying everywhere! I prefer to ride my horses bareback, which in turn, can make them into a personal heater. Thanks to their body heat, it helps make the ride in the cold more enjoyable. After I have had my fill of the cold for the day, it’s always a delight to warm up with a hot apple cider… with a Pendleton Whisky kick.My Buckin’ Whisky Cider is something to enjoy on your own, but ALWAYS a pleasure to share with friends!

Buckin’ Whisky Cider
1 Gallon Apple Cider
10 Whole Cloves
Cinnamon Sticks for each glass
1 TBS Lemon Juice
¼ Cup Brown Sugar
Pinch Salt
1 Liter Pendleton Whisky

Bring cider to a boil. Add sugar and let it completely dissolve. Add the rest of the ingredients (except the cinnamon sticks). Bring to a simmer for 1 hour and 30 minutes (simmer longer for more of an intense flavor). Add Pendleton Whisky and simmer 10 minutes more. Keep on low heat for each person to serve themselves and add a cinnamon stick in each glass for added flavor!

Enjoy, stay warm and Let’er Buck!!