Fall Festivities

Anyone who knows me knows that fall is my favorite time of year. There’s nothing more comforting than curling up with a cozy blanket and sipping on spiced cider (with a little Sinfire mixed in) during a crisp morning while viewing fall foliage in the eerie quiet; I could never get enough of Fall.

A favorite event of the Fall, in particular, is Halloween. I’m that person who goes all out: front porch decked out in spider webs and the haunted funnel web of doom – of course, those who dare to enter get out with boatloads of candy!

However, the joy of decorating for Halloween isn’t even my personal favorite. Fall, to me, marks a reminder of family. As the weather gets chillier, relationships huddle together for warmth. More calls and visits are made to sisters, brothers, cousins and parents. It is a time to recognize what’s truly important in this world. Money and power only mean so much if you have no one to share your successes with.

Fall is that time of year when you are reminded of your roots and the people who stand behind you 100 percent – no matter the circumstances – giving you tough love, if needed, and strength that you have never felt in a hug.

There is no greater feeling for me than being able to spend an evening with my family enjoying the beauty of this time of year. I am thankful that I get the opportunity to share with them the special moments life brings me, and they choose to do the same with me. Happy Fall!