Getting to Know Pendleton Posse Member, Lauren

In my time off from traveling with the world’s finest whisky and getting to visit small towns that burst with American pride, I’m back in school getting my second degree, in the medical field. I live in Southern California and love being outside. I get to the ocean and hang out in the sun as much as I can. I grew up horseback riding and am trying to make more time for it in my busy life. I enjoy camping, hiking, snowboarding, snowmobiling, attempting to surf, wake surfing and boating with friends. I also try to make it to 2-3 concerts a month, if I can. I believe music is good for the soul! Next on the list, I want to learn to play the drums!

My all-time favorite thing to do is jump on the back of my main-squeeze’s bike and take a cruise up gorgeous highway 101. Life is great, on and off the road!

Let’er Buck! Lauren