Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo

Here’s a great recap from our trip to Oklahoma for the Guymon Pioneer Days Rodeo from Pendleton Posse member Lauren. Enjoy fans!

Let’er Buck,


Earlier this month, I packed my bags and headed to Guymon, Okla. It was a perfect break from school and studying. There’s nothing like a lil’ rodeo and the world’s finest whisky to help take your mind off the books and unwind!

We made a stop by one of my all-time favorite liquor stores, Dancers. The family-owned business is always a good ol’ time. Every year, they continue to welcome the Pendleton Posse with open arms. This year they even had a treat waiting for us…Pendleton Whisky-infused cupcakes with a bucking horse on the frosting, made especially for us. They were delicious and hands down one of the best and most creative Pendleton Whisky displays around.

A highlight of my trip to Guymon was the opportunity to meet Miss Rodeo Oklahoma Princess 2012. She is a bright young lady with an exciting future ahead of her. She’s well-spoken and confident with an enormous heart that really brightened my day.

Both nights, we stopped by Bob’s bar. They have great live music, dancing and Pendleton Whisky is always flowing!  I love the atmosphere and there are always such fun folks to reconnect with or new friendships to be made.

It’s always fun going to unfamiliar towns all over the country and knowing I’m sure to run into kind, familiar faces of people I’ve met along the way. This is what I love most about Guymon.

To view the photo album from the entire trip, click here.