Happy Father’s Day!

My father has taught me a number of life lessons — he taught me how to ride a horse, and allowed my passion for rodeo to start and grow; he taught me how to maintain my vehicle, taught me the importance of work ethic, to show respect, and he even taught me my ‘just get it done’ attitude. But above all, my favorite thing is that my father taught me how to hunt.

We are an avid hunting family, and as most families have traditions, our is always a daddy/daughter date during hunting season. During those adventures, he tells me “it’s the going, not the getting”, and I value that saying as it is a beautiful time together, even if we don’t harvest any game.

I value my father’s teachings, and I enjoy everything we have in common, just to spend that quality time together. Whatever your favorite teachings and/or memories you have with your father, enjoy the time spent together. To my Daddy, you are loved, appreciated, and I wish all of your days be full of love, and above all, happiness.
To ALL Father’s out there, Happy Father’s Day!