Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s official. There is a chill in the air, leaves are falling, football is everywhere and it’s time for pumpkin pies! I am ready for Thanksgiving time! Every year it always manages to sneak up on us. The preparation is so fun for me and my family. My mom always asks if there are any specific requests for dinner and I always reply, “Not one but two pumpkin pies please!” I figure this way there will be one to share and one for me! This year the whole gang is heading to the beach and bringing their own specialty dishes to share on Thanksgiving day. As always, I have been assigned to bring a bottle of Pendleton Whisky. We always concoct some type of holiday drink. This year we are making Cranberry Spritzers! What’s in this you might ask? Well, I’ll tell you!

Cranberry Spritzer
2 oz Pendleton Whisky
1 oz cranberry juice cocktail
Club Soda to fill and garnish with a lime!

Mmmmm… makes you want to say Happy Thanksgiving! And Let’er Buck! It sounds delicious with some pumpkin pie right about now.

Have a safe and fun Thanksgiving, everyone!