Introducing the 2016 Legendary Cowboy Team

As the whisky born on rodeo roots, there’s no better way to pay homage to our heritage than by welcoming nineteen all-around cowboys into our Pendleton Whisky family through the Legendary Cowboy Program.

Started back in 2013, the platform was created to honor cowboys that compete at both ends of the arena. Tradition tells us that Rodeo began with hard-working men that would move cattle to provide for their family and later enter competitions to see who had the best riding and roping skills.

Competing in both a timed event and a rough stock event is rare, and we celebrate our new team members accomplishments.

Allow us to introduce the 2016 Legendary Cowboy Program qualifiers: David Peebles, RC Landingham, Wyatt Bloom, Cooper Dewitt, Buck Demers, Joey Sonnier, Colter Heckman, Lon Danley, John Leinaweaver, Audy Reed, Dakota Louis, Levi Hapney, Cash Robinson, Ryan Mackenzie, Kyle Whitaker, Joe Wilson, Kaden Deal, Luke Gee and Whit Ashe.

Thank you, gentlemen, for upholding our values of hard work and integrity and carrying on the legacy of rodeo.