Kassi’s First Year at the Pendleton Round-Up as a Posse Member

You always hear about “tradition” and how it’s incorporated in things people do whether it be daily, weekly or yearly. One place where tradition plays a huge part is at the Pendleton Round-Up and this year I was lucky enough to be introduced to a number of those traditions that I would have never known even existed!

While this wasn’t my first time at the Pendleton Round-Up (I attended in 2010 as a Rodeo Ambassador for the 100th celebration and 2011 as a spectator), it was my first time attending the historical rodeo as a Pendleton Posse member. Since I had such great experiences the first two times I attended the Pendleton Round-Up, I didn’t expect it could get any better. Wrong. This year as a Pendleton Whisky Posse Member I was given the opportunity of a lifetime; to be involved with all the Pendleton Round-Up’s “traditions!”

It’s a phenomenal sight to see the town and its support for the Pendleton Round-Up Rodeo, as well as Pendleton Whisky! We rode a 4-wheeler around the rodeo grounds, we ventured to where the contestants park to ensure they were taken care of, we met the farriers that put on the cleat-style horseshoes the contestants use for the grass field and we visited with the behind-the-scenes volunteers/committee members who run the arena events. There aren’t many people who understand the labor and dedication is takes as a volunteer/committee member to put on that caliber of a rodeo!

Another tradition? Stickers. We passed out more stickers than I have ever witnessed in my life to those who enjoy wearing the Pendleton Whisky brand, as well as those who love passing them out in the Let’Er Buck Room. We even stopped by Room 17 where I had the honor of meeting some very important people within the HRD family, the PRCA, and, of course, the Pendleton Round-Up.

The food in Pendleton is also a great memory, let’s just say I have never eaten as well as I did while in Pendleton. From Hamely’s, Rainbow Café, Mac’s Bar and Grill, Wildhorse Casino to Crabby’s, Cimmiyotti’s, Stetson’s, Red Lion and Happy Canyon, each place provided us with warm hospitality.

Am I a blessed girl to revel in such traditions? I sure am! I look forward to the years to come and the chance to appreciate the “traditions” yet again. A huge thank you to all involved with the success in this epic event, and until we meet again Rodeo on and “Let’Er Buck”!