Life Outside The Pendleton Posse

A couple of months ago we shared a blog post about what life was like outside the Pendleton Posse with a couple of our ladies, Jenni and Crystal. Take a look at what Posse member Stephanie has to say below, too. Be sure to stay tuned to the blog for more Posse stories over the coming months. Let’er Buck!

– Mindy

When I’m with the Posse at rodeos around the country, I enjoy so much meeting and getting to know so many different people, and they often wonder how we spend our time when we’re not going to rodeos. I thought I’d let you know what I like to do outside of the rodeo circuit.

When I am not traveling with the Pendleton Whisky Posse I split my time working as a sports and lifestyle model, and volunteering at numerous non-profit organizations.

I try to recharge by simply relaxing at home. I enjoy staying in and spending some quality time with my boyfriend, whether it is catching up on television shows, watching a funny movie, or making dinner together. I also like to recharge by doing things with my family. Almost every Sunday I enjoy going over to my Dad’s house for dinner, drinks, and great conversation.

I also try to fit in the occasional shopping extravaganza and dinner date with my Mom and my sister and enjoy going to Happy Hour with my gal pals and trying out new bars and restaurants.

– Stephanie