NEBRASKAland Days Rodeo and Santa Maria Elks Rodeo Recap

I had never been to North Platte but growing up in the West, I know all about NEBRASKALand Days and the Wild Buffalo Bill Rodeo. I was thrilled for my first opportunity to see everything first-hand. I loved the small town feel and the friendly gestures – everyone had a smile or wave to return. It was also great to see how many people knew about Pendleton Whisky and how eager they were eager to share their favorite drink recipes and pastimes with us. We discovered Country Time Lemonade and Pendleton Whisky is a favorite concoction for many.

And I tell you what, the good folks in North Platte know how to have fun! The rodeo was so full of great energy. Shooter’s had a wonderful dance floor and band, The Hub had a great view of the parade and The House Bar had pool tables and some crazy air hockey talent. I could go on and on but I will just say that it was wonderful Pendleton Whisky was flowing everywhere we went and the people were having a great time – and so were we!

I’m grateful for the new memories and friends and can hardly wait to visit NEBRASKALand Days again.


I had the best time at the Santa Maria Elks Rodeo! There are so many major rodeo talents at the event including one of our favorite announcers, Justin McKee. I can’t wait to go back next year and spend time with the people in Santa Maria and see all my new friends. Everyone was extremely receptive to the brand and the weather was perfect, not to mention I had my first drive up highway 101 with my sister, Mindy! Thank you, Santa Maria for an excellent rodeo.