Oakdale 2013

Sunshine, rodeo and Pendleton Whisky made it a great weekend in Oakdale, Calif.

During our time in Oakdale, we attended the rodeo and met so many great people! I am never shocked, but always pleasantly surprised by the friendliness of the rodeo community. While we were at the rodeo, Pendleton Whisky was flowing as smoothly as the conversation. We even had the pleasure to introduce some new fans to Pendleton Whisky! They now have a new favorite libation, and we have some great new friends.

Oakdale is a wonderful destination, and I am happy to have new memories there, one of which includes a whole lot of creativity. On this trip, I helped a lady make a purse out of a Pendleton Whisky bandana and lanyard. She was so excited to walk around with her very creative, brand new Pendleton Whisky purse. I also enjoyed being a part of the process.

Oakdale definitely brought out the sunshine for us this weekend and we loved every second of it. With the sun shining, people were ready to head out and play! Thanks for the great weekend and great memories Oakdale, hope to see you again soon!

Until next time….Let’er Buck!!