Pendleton Round-Up Recap

You remember that infamous bar on the late TV show called, “Cheers?” Where everybody knows your name? That’s what I think of when it’s Pendleton Round-Up time!   It’s not my name I’m referring to – Pendleton Whisky’s name is what I’m talking about! Not only does this town have loyalty and love for their rodeo, they also love their Pendleton Whisky. Everywhere the Posse went this week we felt support and loyalty to the brand. As always, the rodeo was incredible!

There are always so many memories after the week is over… walking to and from all of Pendleton’s finest watering holes; riding the four-wheeler throughout the rodeo grounds (with Mindy as our tour guide); dancing with bands down Main Street; making new friends at their camper over a fresh bottle of Pendleton Whisky; and cutting a rug at the Happy Canyon Dance! I always get to make so many new friends…and as I always say, friends that drink Pendleton together – stay together!

What a memorable week, and I am so lucky to have been a part of it!  As a member of the Pendleton Whisky Posse, we get to travel and meet people from all over the U.S. The Pendleton Round-Up is always a topic of conversation and I always make it a point to tell people that attending the Pendleton Round-Up should be on everyone’s bucket list. There is nothing like it!

To all of my friends both new and old, “Let’er Buck!” What a great Round-Up it was! Thank you for the wonderful experience!


The Pendleton Round up is something special. This year I was lucky enough to experience all Pendleton, Ore., had to offer early in the week.

We got things started at the Rainbow bar – which is a great local spot with loyal customers since it opened years and years ago – after which we headed to Hamley’s just across the street, where a band was playing and we couldn’t help ourselves but to break out some signature Pendleton Posse dance moves. It was a perfect start to the night spent at Happy Canyon for the PBR events.

In my fourth year with the Pendleton Posse, this was my first time watching professional bull riding at Pendleton, which was truly extra special. Let me tell you, at Happy Canyon, the bull fighters, announcers, and the contestants sure know how to put on a great show. It was so exciting to sit with a Pendleton Whisky in-hand and watch everything the PBR had to offer; so exciting, in fact, that I was even more thrilled to attend the event again the following night, which fell on Sept. 11th. It was clear there was an extra swell of American pride and American spirit in the crowd that night. For me, rodeo and the western life is a true example of the American way and the PBR on Tuesday really exemplified the heartfelt patriotic character.

Overall, from meeting Pendleton natives – it’s always a treat to meet people who were born and raised in the places we travel to; this is one of the reasons I always love to ask where people are from! – to making our traditional pit stops around the arena – room 17, behind the chutes, and everywhere in-between – it was a true joy to visit with the men and women who help keep the Pendleton Round-Up going strong. Sometimes, we don’t see our Pendleton Whisky friends but once a year, so in the case of the Pendleton Round-Up visiting with old friends is a happy reunion.

Cheers to an amazing fourth year (for me) at the Pendleton Round-Up! I can’t wait for next year. Let’er Buck!