Pendleton Whisky Meets the Wonders of the World

Don’t let the conclusion of the Pendleton Whisky ‘Round the World contest affect your travel plans. Pour another round of Pendleton Whisky and start planning your next trip!

Keep exploring every inch of this wonderful world we live in and be sure to have Pendleton Whisky nearby when you stop to take in the sights.

We appreciate every moment you captured with Pendleton Whisky, around the world.  A special congratulations is in order for our Grand Prize winner Mike Sallee and our five fabulous runners-up: Blake DeFrance, Scotty Cox, Alesha Melton, Craig Fjell and Christina Mercado.  Whether it’s a backdrop of sunsets, ocean views or wide open skies, you all proved once and for all that Pendleton Whisky is synonymous with adventure, beauty and the great outdoors.

Travel as often as you can but always fill your life with adventure and your glass with Pendleton Whisky.