Privileged to Introduce 1910

Today a new addition will be proudly delivered to the Cigar and Mixer in Pendleton, OR…  Welcome 1910, Canadian Rye Whisky.

Thank you to all our friends for your loyalty to Pendleton Whisky; it is the success of this brand that allows us to bring you 1910.  I will be making a toast to all of you after the first cork of 1910 is popped.

It is because of those who continually follow through on an act or event that gives “tradition” it’s meaning.  Pendleton Round-Up is an example of strong tradition.  This year is the 101st Pendleton Round-Up.

“Here is to the Pendleton Round-UP, a rodeo that has established a dignified name through years of unwavering commitment.  Pendleton Whisky known for its uncommonly smooth flavor and  embracing the spirit of the west has become one of the fastest growing whisky spirits in history.  Because of this successful collaboration it is possible to welcome 1910; reminding us of where we began and to celebrate the journey.”

Let’er Buck 1910!