Reasons to Love Spring!

New life promotes hope and inspiration. Beauty of the season may vary across the states, but there are foundational pieces we all enjoy. People love spring for many different reasons– new blooms, the snow begins to melt, and days become longer. The Posse has collectively provided a couple of reasons why they each enjoy spring. A common theme you will find is the fondness of sun, the appreciation of our beautiful land, and of course, enjoying Pendleton.

(Jackie)                    “-Sit in the sun and drink Pendleton Rita’s.

-Be able to enjoy a rodeo without gloves and multi layers.”

(Lindsay)               “-The first pops of color when Daffodils make their appearance.

-Seeing all the baby cows, goats and lambs staggering around and playing.”

(Kassi)                     “-Daylight savings time, which means I have more daylight to ride horses.

-April Showers bring May flowers, and the green sights are welcomed after so many months of snow.”

(Lauren)                 “-We’re that much closer to summer!

-Spring skiing.”

(Leisel)                   “-Waking up with a sunrise.

-Patios for sipping Pendleton on the rocks!”

(Jenni)                     -“Spring brings a reminder and promises that sunshine and summer is on its way.

-Longer days to enjoy friends, family and did I mention sunshine!!!”

Take note of all the reasons to enjoy spring. I particularly value this time of year when all the ranchers are busy with the tradition of calving season. So much detailed work, cookouts and family/friend support go into a productive cow-calf operation. Whatever it may be that strikes your excitement for the season, remember to take time to appreciate all the changes that spring up around you.