Rodeo and Family

In addition to the amazing families we are given, through this life’s journey we are often lucky enough to acquire extended family members along the way. Sharing a mutual appreciation for rodeo lifestyle and all that it encompasses connects each one of us in a way that provides the necessary ‘building blocks’ to construct an extended family.

As we follow the rodeo circuit we see many of the same committed people who we get to know even better because of experiences we’ve shared. There’s a deep sense of belonging in the rodeo community which brings this growing family even closer.

One branch of my rodeo family exists because of The Pendleton Whisky Posse, a small team of seven women who have traveled, promoted, and grown into a family. Traveling across the nation provides an opportunity for oceans of adventure and lasting relationships. The thread that bonds us is our belief and commitment to the brand, the lifestyle, and the loyalty we have to one another.

Anyone who knows me will say my family is the most important to me. I am privileged to have the opportunity to work alongside my amazing sister, Jenni. Trust is key – I can rely on her and appreciate her honesty, reliability and consistent support. With the time we spend on the road there is comfort in knowing the people who accompany me stand by in unwavering strength. This extends through our company and the code we live by. Meeting people across the nation and touring with the wonderful family at Pendleton Whisky has been a gift and an unbelievable addition to my life.

Here’s to seeing you, my dear rodeo family, down the road!