The Pendleton Posse’s Favorite Summer Activity

Who doesn’t love the summertime? Check out the blogs posts below as some of my fellow Pendleton Posse members gush about their affection for the upcoming season.




What isn’t fun to do in the summer? One of my favorite childhood memories – one I continue to build on every year – is floating down the Yakima River with friends.  Whether it’s on a big raft, with personal floaties, or on inner tubes, it’s always a guaranteed good time. Aside from that, hiking to Lost Lake, Lake Tanem or a (specifically unspecified) lake to go fishing… there’s nothing like it. There’s nothing better than pitching a tent, lighting a campfire, and cooking your fresh caught trout. This is the epitome of relaxation to me, and the quality time spent with nature is priceless!

– Lindsay


My all-time favorite activities in the summertime are boating and hanging out at the river beaches with friends. Squeezing in some time for hiking is also the best.

– Crystal


When I think of summer time I think of my favorite place in the world – Swan Lake, MT. My whole family is from Montana, so we’ve made it our absolute favorite vacation spot. Our cabin on the lake has been in our family for nearly a hundred years. We get to boat, fish, jet ski, sail, hike, cliff jump, and swim. Catch Phrase tournaments have been known to happen at our campfires, flip cup games happen in the water and trips to our favorite local Swan Bar is always a priority – for a little Pendleton Whisky of course! All of our neighbors know we are in town because of the crazy activities we get into. We’ve created “”flotillas” on the water and started ski competitions challenging the neighbors to how many skiers they can pull behind their boats. We won – with five skiers! Annual dock parties, boat parades and camp adventures with the little cousins and nieces are just a normal day at the lake for us. It is heaven!

– Leisel