The Pendleton’s Posse Time in Houston

We were blown away by how many friends we found in Houston! Everyone comes to play when the Houston Rodeo is in town and they don’t mess around. It seemed to me that they also didn’t mind a little Pendleton Whisky while they were cheering for their favorite cowboys.

We were able to hang out at a variety of stores and bars throughout town. I have to give a shout out to the Spec’s Texas Superstore in Houston. Jenni and I nicknamed it “Spec’s Disneyland” since it was so huge! We pulled off an incredible Pendleton Whisky party in the aisle with all of our new friends at the store. We had everyone yelling “Let’er Buck” with us – it was so much fun!

We can’t wait to head back next year to help celebrate the Houston Rodeo! And of course, we won’t hesitate to pour a little Pendleton Whisky!

Great memories Houston – Let’er Buck!