Wrangler National Finals Rodeo 2015

The ability to go and watch such an incredible spectacle is a gift unto itself.  You have the best of the best men and women competing, the roar of a crowd filled with polished boots, blinged out belts and freshly re-shaped hats.  Everyone is excited, whether it is their first or fiftieth time going.  Traditions are made, hearts are stolen and passion for this amazing country is palatable in the air.  Then throw all of this excitement in Las Vegas.

One of my favorite memories from this year was attending Cowboy Christmas.  Walking into the Sands Expo, you’re immediately greeted by the hollering of Lester, bartender extraordinaire, and his co-hort David serving up Pendleton Whisky Bloody Mary’s (no seriously, they’re wonderful!), and getting the increasing stream of guests pumped for what they’ve come for – shopping, socializing, advertising and future business partners.  If you missed it during week one, you HAVE to stop by Cowboy Tom’s Flapjacks as they serve up warm plates of mini pancakes.  Once your belly is happy, you can find yourself some of the most unique and incredible custom designs, brought on by many different retailers and families.  Of course, they say time doesn’t exist in Las Vegas, and so we saw plenty of folks roaming the halls of the Expo with a glass of our staple, Pendleton Whisky.  Laughs were audible and friends were around and in the making.

There is nothing like the WNFR. If you haven’t been yet, I would definitely recommend trying for next year!  Perhaps I’ll see you there…

Let’er buck!