A Slam Dunk Cocktail – The Trail Blazer!

Pendleton® Whisky has been blazing trails into the hearts and palates of many since its creation in 2003.  People across the nation are making the discovery of this incredible liquid! If you are a Pendleton on the rocks fan like I am, be an innovator and share the goodness of Pendleton with those who have yet to join the crowd of followers.

Speaking of crowds, tonight marks the first home game of the Portland Trail Blazer’s basketball team!  We have just the right cocktail to celebrate Oregon’s home team. But, no matter which NBA team you root for, this cocktail is sure to be a slam dunk!

Behold The Trail Blazer Cocktail:
2 oz. Pendleton Whisky
1 oz. Cherry juice
2 oz.  Coke
1/2 oz. HRD Root Beer Schnapps
Method:  Build ingredients directly into a rocks glass with ice and stir, garnish with cherry.


Screen Shot 2015-10-28 at 5.20.00 PM