All Around Ranch Rodeo

Last month, the Pendleton Posse and I attended the All Around Ranch Rodeo in Glen Rose, Texas. Not everyone is familiar with what it means to be a true “ranch rodeo,” so here’s a description from another favorite rodeo event of mine, “Rising in popularity, Ranch Rodeos are a throwback to the old west when neighboring ranches would get together to see whose cowboys were the best riders, roper and the toughest hands. The modern Ranch Rodeo focuses on the ranch hands and the daily duties preformed. Teams of working cowboys compete against each other in events that are daily preformed on the ranch.” – San Antonio Stock Show & Rodeo website

Ranch Rodeo is about keeping western heritage alive and attending this event was truly inspirational. I hope one day you have the opportunity to attend a rodeo or Ranch Rodeo; it will definitely give a new appreciation for these hardworking, fearless cowboys.