Breast Cancer Awareness Month


When I think about Breast Cancer Awareness, I think about my mom. When my mother was 29 years old she was diagnosed with breast cancer. At such a young age, and with three children under the age of five, I can only imagine the heavy hearted thoughts that went through my mother’s head during that time. After an unsuccessful lumpectomy, my mother went through a single mastectomy.

The good news was that the cancer was in the early stages, so there would be no radiation or chemo. My mother has been breast cancer free now for 22 years! She is such an incredibly lucky woman, and I know there are so many women who have gone through what my mom has gone through. This experience has taught my family many things, but especially the value and deep appreciation for health, happiness, family, and life.

There are so many ways you can help support the fight against breast cancer. Whether showing you are “Tough Enough to Wear Pink” at a rodeo event, participating in a Breast Cancer Association “Race for the Cure,” or simply donating to a breast cancer organization; you are part of the solution in finding a cure.

October is Breast Cancer Awareness month and a perfect time to show your support for breast cancer survivors and those affected by it. October is also my mom’s birthday, and a wonderful time each year to celebrate my mom being healthy, happy, and breast cancer free



The power and love behind everyone who helps support and grow awareness for breast cancer continues to surprise and humble me.  It truly is amazing how such a large community of strangers can come together and be a net to catch, a hand to hold, or a needed hug for anyone who is or has been affected by cancer.

The strength of those who have lived with breast cancer is hard to fathom without experiencing it for oneself, and it is the least anyone can do to help be a pillar of strength or source of funding to help eradicate this cancer from our  lives.