Cheers to You This Labor Day


Just as Memorial Day has morphed into the official start of summer, Labor Day has taken on the role of its calendar counterpart. Although it marks the beginning of fall and all it entails, the last long weekend is about much more than nostalgia for warm weather. Labor Day is intended to honor the American worker and provide a holiday for rest and relaxation.

Whether you choose to spend the day lying by the pool, barbequing, or squeezing in one last getaway, let Pendleton Whisky join you.

Our favorite way to celebrate both summer and the achievements of the American workforce is with one of our Pendleton Whisky cocktails. Combine 2 oz. Pendleton Whisky with 1 oz. orange juice, 2 oz. lemonade and your favorite pale ale to make a Pendleton Shandy, or keep it simple by mixing Pendleton Whisky with a splash of water for a tried and true classic.

So sit back, relax and raise a glass of Pendleton, you’ve earned it.