Highlights from Rapid City

I remember the first time I flew to Rapid City to join the scuffle of boots at the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo. Surveying the barren tundra below from a tiny plane, the ground was snow-dusted and empty looking. Little did I know how much this beautiful South Dakota town and its people would warm my heart.

I’ve been lucky enough to have come to the Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo now four times, and every time I grow to love it more. The air of excitement, the rounds of Pendleton Whisky, being serenaded at Joe’s Place and finishing the night with dancing at the 445 Martini Lounge are just a few of the good times and great memories I take home with me.

I feel so fortunate and so blessed to have this opportunity in my life. To meet the wonderful people, the incredible hearts and beautiful souls…to make the friendships we do, I am a lucky girl. Thank you, Black Hills Stock Show & Rodeo! You always know how to show the Pendleton Posse a good time!

Let’er Buck!