Interesting Facts About Pendleton Whisky

Being from the Pacific Northwest, I have always surrounded myself with crisp, cool mountain drinking water. When I joined the Hood River Distillers family as a Pendleton Posse member, it was interesting to learn that the whisky itself is bottled with Mt. Hood’s glacial waters. As you sip Pendleton Whisky, it is parallel to the refreshing glass of mountain water; smooth with a clean finish.

While I’ve been a whisky fan for a long time, I have to say my palate for whisky has become more refined over the years. Often I will compare one or two whiskies against Pendleton to keep note of the fact that I continue to come back to it, genuinely appreciating its flavors. The round elongated flavor of the vanilla and caramel stays true until that golden finish that could only come from age maturity.

These are just a few of the facts about Pendleton Whisky that continue to ensure this high quality drink is always consistent, always smooth, and always delicious!