Mixin’ Up the Mule Wrangler

I was recently challenged to a ‘drink-off’. No, not what you’re thinking, but rather to mix up a drink to share with friends. Each friend brings a different recipe. I thought this was the perfect time to demo the Mule Wrangler. With Pendleton® Whisky’s slightly sweet and smooth taste, it worked incredibly well as a base for the tartness of the fresh pomegranate juice to rest on.  Add a topper of authentic Ginger beer and you get that slight kick on your tongue.  It was a perfectly refreshing drink that reflects the September weather change, where it is crisp in the mornings and warm in the afternoon sun.
I would highly recommend this drink at your next outdoor gathering, perhaps a summer’s ending barbecue. Additionally, it is easy to make the base ahead of time (mixing Pendleton® Whisky and the pomegranate juice in advance) and just add the Ginger Beer when pouring the drink for friends.
Mule Wrangler
2 oz. Pendleton® Whisky
1 oz. Pomegranate Juice
3 oz. Ginger Beer
1 Lime Wedge
Screen Shot 2015-09-10 at 3.13.12 PM
Build ingredients over ice into a highball glass. Garnish with a lime wedge and a mint sprig (optional).