Mother’s Day

Unfortunately, this year, I was not be able to spend Mother’s Day with my fabulous mom. However, I was lucky enough to just see her a couple of weekends ago. She flew into town for five days and we had an amazing time together. We went sailing and caught some rays one day and went to a ballgame the next. We went out for several delicious meals and then spent the other evenings in the kitchen – chatting, making scrumptious dinners, and enjoying a few cocktails together.

For Mother’s Day, I gave my mom a frame I found with her favorite saying that she often tells me, “Put on your big girl panties and deal with it!” I put a favorite picture of us in it and she absolutely loved it. We laughed so hard, she had tears streaming down her face. I loved seeing her and wish we lived closer. Happy Mother’s Day mom and to all the other amazing women out there!

Let’er Buck!