On the Road With the Pendleton Posse

My weekends traveling as a Pendleton Posse member are typically a go-go-go kind of weekend, filled with adventure. I typically have a flight at the crack of dawn that departs on a Thursday or Friday. Once I meet the rest of the girls for our connecting fight we exchange hugs and hellos and grab a bite to eat before we jump onto our next flight….typically a puddle jumper….*GULP*.  Where is the Pendleton Whisky when you need it!?

We typically arrive at our destination during the late afternoon, and it’s a “hit the ground running” type of scenario. We have a short turnaround time to get checked in to our hotel rooms, divide up our apparel, freshen-up, primp, and before you know it we are out the door in no time.

Our schedule consists of stopping by local liquor stores, making rounds at the rodeo grounds and VIP tents, and reconnecting with Pendleton Whisky fans. We typically visit liquor stores earlier in the day where we’re often able to do tastings in the store – it’s a great experience introducing our whisky to new drinkers right on the spot and getting to witness first-hand as Pendleton Whisky wins over their taste buds!

After we’ve made our arrival known at the rodeo grounds – “Let’er Buck!” – we head out to the local restaurants and bars. It’s here that you can find us sipping on some Pendleton Whisky, educating folks about our brand, giving out Pendleton Whisky gear, and even getting our dancing shoes on! When it’s time to turn in for the night, our team usually grabs a necessary late night snack!

Sundays are usually the days we return home and these days are always bittersweet. We say goodbye to fun times, memories and each other but always know the next rodeo location is right around the corner.

To keep up with the Pendleton Posse’s whereabouts, stay tuned to the Pendleton Whisky Facebook page for updates on where our next rodeo stop is and for the latest information about the brand. We’re always looking forward to seeing our favorite fans across the country – and we hope to see you at our next destination!

Let’er Buck!