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Hi Pendleton Fans!

Of course everyone is now officially enjoying the hustle and bustle of the holiday season: chopping down trees, deciding where to hang holiday lights and planning what to bake. This is about the time my mom makes her famous Holiday TV Mix and my siblings and I all fight over it. Seriously, she has to make triple batches. It is also the time everyone is making their “what to gift list.”

Boy, do I have some good news for you! Pendleton® Whisky is here to help! They have those perfect holiday gifts that your friends and family would love! Who wouldn’t want to find a deck of Pendleton Whisky playing cards or a Pendleton Whisky flask in their stocking on Christmas morning?
Or, if you are cold weather dwellers and you are looking for a really great gift, you have to check out our Pendleton Whisky fire pit! This has got to be my favorite item. Have you seen these? They are beautiful! Speaking from experience, I happen to know that sitting around a Pendleton Whisky fire pit with all of my closest neighbors passing a bottle of Pendleton Whisky and a jar of pickle juice is probably the greatest way you can spend an evening. It’s all about the memories, right?
Check out the greatest gifts at I know I wouldn’t mind opening up a bottle of Pendleton Whisky in its own Pendleton Woolen Mills Bottle Bag. (that’s a hint, in case my family is reading!)

Cheers to enjoying your holiday season with your loved ones!


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