Summer Traditions

I am a summer time baby!! I thrive in the warmth and festivities that surround summertime fun. It’s considered my non-stop season as the roads are clear, the traveling deems endless, and the activities are filled with excitement that always leave me craving the next run of summer.

I have a number of summer traditions, starting with the Railhead Rendezvous, which involves Texas country music in a place of paradise–Cancun/Dominican Republic/Cruise Ship (or wherever they want to venture). I have a few rodeos I go to, outside of the posse events, such as the War Bonnet Roundup Rodeo and The Gem State Classic Pro Rodeo. I try my own hand at competing in amateur rodeos, and I’m part of a horseback riding posse which has its own schedule of events.

It’s fair season across the state of Idaho; it’s camping season, fishing season; it’s time to ride my horses in the mountains that surround me, as well as bonfires at night with the company of family and friends. It’s back road traveling, the best time for star gazing, not to mention, spur of the moment trips to anywhere but home. I always find myself venturing to other states– California, Utah, and Texas, including all the states I’m blessed to go to with the Pendleton Posse. It’s the time I get to see all my favorite girls while representing the best whisky around, enjoying it alongside each and every one of you, and I thank you all for being an addition to some of my BEST summertime traditions! Whatever your summer time fun, be safe, be happy, enjoy the whisky, and always Let’Er Buck!!